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It was a case of an April Fools’ joke gone wrong, when a prank played on Mayday’s fans ended up causing distress to one of its members.

As reported on Sinchew, back on 1 April, there was an announcement on former Mayday drummer Qian Youda’s Facebook account that he will be re-joining the band, surprising many fans, especially fans of the current drummer, Guan You.

Although it was later announced as an April Fools’ joke, Guan You recently shared online that Youda didn’t notify him before he made up the joke, which consequently caused his phone to be flooded with calls and text messages from friends and family members asking about it.

Guan You expressed his apology for having need to delete some messages from his social media, saying that he was deeply distressed by some of them that are insulting in nature.

“This should have only been an April Fools’ joke, why does it turn into such a problem?,” said Guan You.

He added that while he is all for joking around and pulling pranks, he believes that there are ways to do it without causing confusion and hurting other people.

On the other hand, Youda’s wife recently explained via Facebook that the joke was not posted by the ex-drummer himself, but a good friend who thought it would have been hilarious.

She stated while they didn’t receive any hate comments for the joke, they are willing to accept any criticism.

Although Qian Youda was among the founder of the band back in 1995 when it was called So Band, it was Guan You who became the mainstay in 1999, and was featured as an official member through Mayday’s first full-length studio album.

(Photo Source: tvbs.com.tw)