Although there is no proof that Etta Ng was hospitalised due to an attempted suicide, tabloids recently shared that the 17-year-old had once talked about the subject on her social media.

As reported on Tencent, Etta, who sparked suicide rumours when she recently returned to Hong Kong to go straight to the hospital after her short trip to Thailand, wrote a post about suicide on Facebook back in 2016.

In it, she shared, “Many people think that suicide is a selfish move, because they do not care about the people around them. But I can tell you, When a person comes to that position, they are really convinced that their departure will make the people around them better.”

“It is a mental illness, not selfishness. This is the truth,” she added.

She also called for everybody to pay more attention, and to help those who are feeling suicidal, rather than run away from the issue.

(Photo Source: Francis Cheng Instagram)