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Taiwanese singer Ella Chen recently shared a series of photos of her newborn online, following her recent childbirth, and assured fans that she is doing well.

On 13 April, the S.H.E. member updated her condition on Facebook, and clarified several reports about her delivery, saying that she didn’t get to give birth via water birth like she wanted.

“I wanted to do a water birth initially, but I couldn’t do it because my cervix was too thick and my birth canal was not open wide enough,” she said.

Ella continued that she then opted for natural birth. However, since she didn’t get an epidural, the whole process was very painful.

As for her son, Ella shared that the baby has to use the ventilator for now since some amniotic fluid had entered his lungs.

“Everything else is safe,” she added, and thanked everybody for the care and blessings.

Ella also shared a photo with her S.H.E. sisters Hebe and Selina, and revealed that there were so many people came to see her giving birth for the first time.

“This mother really loves the lively environment,” she added humorously.

(Photo Source: Ella Chen Facebook)