After keeping mum about the allegations regarding her extra-marital affair for the past few days, Chinese actress Bai Baihe finally broke her silence to confess about her divorce from husband, Chen Yufan.

As reported on Weibo, the “Monster Hunt” actress, who was previously photographed acting chummy with another man in Thailand, recently responded online, saying, “Thanks to all those people who’ve loved and cared about us. We have caused you such worries.”

“I’m sorry for this issue to have affected [ex-husband] Yufan, [our child] and our parents. We’ll always be a family to our child. I hope that everyone could give us some room and time and let us resolve our own family matters ourselves,” she continued.

She also reiterated her ex-husband’s previous statement about keeping their divorce a secret, saying that it was for the sake of their child.

“[We wanted] to give [our son] a complete family in his childhood, which is why we didn’t reveal the truth to the public,” said Bai, who added that she is sorry for causing trouble to everyone.

While fans accepted her apology, some questioned the couple’s intention in keeping their divorce a secret for two whole years.

“Divorce is not a big deal,” said one fan. “But if you’re showing off your love in front of the public after you divorce, that’s just fake and deceptive.”

“Divorced but still showing your love on shows? What’s that for? Money? Fame? Playing with public’s love for your relationship, what is wrong with you?,” said another.

(Photo Source: chinadaily.com.cn)