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With so many raw talents that go undiscovered, a new music platform has been created to scout independent talents and new artistes and give them the exposure they deserve.

SKOWT, which is also available as a phone application was recently launched to help unsigned artists showcase their talent.


By uploading their songs and biography online, the platform will give them the opportunity to connect with streaming music fans, other artistes, licensing managers and event organisers.


The platform is free to use and open to all independent artistes or unsigned bands, regardless of their genre, language or location. The only requirement is that the artiste registering to use the platform has to be independent from any record labels.


“Our goal is to help unsigned artists get their music out there – to a worldwide audience and to the people that matter in the music industry,” explained a representative of SKOWT.

“We chose to make SKOWT a one-stop platform for uploading, listening and finding new music. With our platform, independent artists can be recognised for their talent, build a fan base and potentially sign a commercial deal with recording labels or media companies. Music fans can stream new music for free and talent managers can easily discover new talent. We are so proud of this platform and can’t wait to watch it become a part of the music industry.”

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Music on SKOWT is uploaded by unsigned artists from a wide range of genres. Listeners will then have the chance to like or dislike songs and build playlists.

Based on the songs with the most likes and listens, SKOWT will build a Top 10 chart that features the most popular songs of the past week.


SKOWT also recently announced their partnership with Warner Music Malaysia to identify and recommend new talents to the label.

“As we continue to scour the borderless world of finding music talents, I am thrilled to be working with SKOWT.IT. I agreed to work with them because the enthusiasm shown by Jheeva, the brain behind SKOWT is infectious coupled by my admiration for his relentless and strategic pursuit in tapping into one of the hotbeds of new talent pool, which is in Asia – the sky’s the limit,” said Managing Director of Warner Music Malaysia, Darren Choy.

SKOWT app is available on both iOS and Android.