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Looks like there’s a new group of superheroes in town!

A video clip has been going viral on the internet recently, featuring singers Yuna and Siti Nordiana, comedian Harith Iskandar and actor Zizan Razak – all clad in superhero costumes.

The short clip which seems to still be in editing process, was already shared by all of the local stars on their respective social media.

The clip hints at a possible movie, as the original uploader of the clip included the caption: “When will it be released? Yuna, Harith, Zizan and Siti Nordiana all in one movie!”

We’re not sure if it’s really a movie as it could also be a short, a drama episode or even a music video – who knows? But here are all the hints dropped by the stars.

“Something exciting is coming soon. Wait… is that… Zizan Razak? Harith Iskandar? Siti Nordiana? Are we superheroes? Protecting the city from something?? Who knows! You just have to wait and find out!” Yuna wrote on her Instagram.

“Whoops. Just found out that this clip leaked out online. Not saying much but Zizan Razak, Yuna and Siti Nordiana had fun! What do YOU think it is?” Harith teased his fans.

“Omg! I just got this video from a friend and had to share but it’s still a secret! So excited,” Zizan exclaimed.

“Opss… the news was found! Actually, it’s the first time I did this, and it’s definitely happening, you alls! Hope that we can work together again,” Siti Nordiana shared on her Instagram.

Information surrounding the clip is still scathed, so we’ll have to wait for a few more days to find out what it really is! So, stay tuned!