Rumours are rife that model-actor Vivian Dawson has found new love in the likes of By2 member Miko, after last year’s breakup with Jolin Tsai.

According to Tencent, the “Tiny Times” actor, who has been single since November last year, sparked rumours of romance with Miko after he was spotted out and about with the singer recently.

Reports claimed that Miko was not seen with her sister Yumi after completing the promotional event of their new album, and was soon spotted at a mall with none other than the New Zealand star himself.

The two stars reportedly sat down for a drink, and chatted with each other in English before taking out their phone to exchange phone numbers.

However, when asked to address the new romance rumours recently, Vivian’s manager stated that he is surprised to hear it, as Vivian is currently still single.

On the other hand, By2’s company stated that Miko and Vivian are just friends and that they decided to have a drink together after a chance meeting at the supermarket.

(Photo Source: ettoday.net)