Although she is now happily married with Chinese actor Golden Zhang, Christy Chung revealed that she is still curious as to why Stephen Chow rejected her in the past.

As reported on CTI TV, the actress, who made an appearance at an event recently, shared that she used to work with Stephen Chow in numerous films back in the early ’90s, and that they became close friends at the time.

Christy admitted that she became more interested in Stephen the more they worked together, and even once proposed that they get married.

The actress shared that it happened after she heard about Stephen’s failed attempt to immigrate to Canada, due to his supposed links to the mob. Christy said she proposed to him that he could immigrate if they got married, since she is Canadian by birth.

However, the actor turned her proposal down.

Christy shared that she felt extremely dejected at the time, and still has no answer to this day as to why he rejected her.

(Photo Source: On.cc)