Although Hong Kong actor Shawn Yue is now happy to talk about his new relationship with Taiwanese heiress, Sarah Wang, he admitted that making the relationship public was initially not in his plans.

As reported on Mingpao News, the actor, who appeared in Taiwan to promote his movie, “Mad World” with Eric Tsang recently, shared that he was ‘forced’ to open up about his relationship with Sarah after they were photographed by the paparazzi.

“I had to [announce it] because I was photographed. Plus, I am already 35, it doesn’t matter anymore,” he said.

When asked if he considers Sarah the one he would marry, Shawn stated that they have only dated three months and would rather not plan ahead and think too much about it.

Shawn first made his romance with Sarah public by sharing a photo of the two of them watching the sunset back in December, writing, “Invincible. The future is bright.”

On the other hand, when talking about his career, the actor said that he no longer worked on too many films in a year like he used to.

“I used to make seven to eight movies per year. I would easily be trapped in emotions like my “Mad World” character. But now I have reduced my projects, so it is easier for me to adjust my emotions,” he said.

When asked if his decision to reduce work has enabled him to focus on his relationship, Shawn responded, “It probably has nothing to do with that.”

(Photo Source: Shawn Yue Instagram)