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Malaysia’s multitalented artiste, Namewee, has collaborated with Asia’s top superstar Wang Leehom for his latest song titled “Stranger in the North”.

The music video for the song was released on YouTube last Saturday, 4 March, and has already garnered more than 1.2 million views.

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The music video reached 1 million views in a mere two days, breaking Namewee’s personal record for the fastest music video to reach a million views, surpassing his protégé Joyce Chu’s music video for “I Miss You” which reached a million views in two and a half days.

After losing to Wang Leehom over the theme song of the Sino-Hollywood production “The Great Wall”, Namewee decided to approach Wang for a song collaboration.

The 33-year-old talent didn’t think that the Chinese-American singer would agree to the collaboration so quick after he sent him the demo of the song.

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“I’m very thankful to Asian Pop King Wang Leehom for his strong support. I didn’t expect that he would agree to the collaboration and I’m very touched by it. It is surprising how passionate he is towards music and he gave me a lot of valuable advice too,” Namewee posted on his Facebook.

Produced and composed by Namewee, the song describes the life of migrant workers in Beijing which sort of reflects Namewee’s life as well, as he himself is struggling to make a name in a foreign country too.

Check out the music video below.