While Chatime and Tealive are about to have a bubble tea war, another competitor is coming to town and will (probably) be joining in the fight as well (as far as friendly competition goes).

Taiwanese bubble tea brand, KOI Thé or KOI Café will be entering the Malaysian market for the first time.

KOI Café is an original tea shop from Taiwan by 50嵐(“50 Lan”), the most dominant tea shop chain in Taiwan with over 500 outlets across the country.

The bubble tea brand is currently present in Taiwan, Japan, Singapore, China, Macau, Hong Kong, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia and Indonesia.

KOI is wildly popular in Singapore (like how Chatime is a favourite in Malaysia), as it has 40 outlets across the country, and will be hitting their 10th anniversary in Singapore this year.

The first KOI Thé outlet in Malaysia will soon open in One Utama Shopping Mall, LG level, New Wing.

No words on the opening dates yet, but stay tuned to KOI Thé Malaysia for more updates.

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