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As the gaming industry in Malaysia is starting to gain more and more prominence thanks to the marvellous performances from several Malaysian teams at the international competition level, an academy which is set to develop professional gamers has been created, and it is the first of its kind in Malaysia!

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Malaysia’s eSports governing body, eSports Malaysia (ESM) has teamed up with local university, Asia Pacific University (APU), to set up the country’s first ever eSports Academy called APU eSports Malaysia Academy, a platform for those wanting to contribute to the competitive gaming scene.

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“eSports is an uprising trend that APU embraces and we highly encourage our students to participate in healthy competitive gaming,” said Datuk Dr. Parmjit Singh, CEO of APIIT Education Group as quoted by Garena.

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“APU eSports Club have been actively hosting nationwide tournaments including the League of Legends Malaysia Campus League (MYCL) Grand Finals. In return, our students have also represented APU and Malaysia at various international competitions such as the League of Legends International Collegiate Championship (LICC) in Taiwan,” he said.

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Located in Bukit Jalil, APU is the first educational institution to feature an e-sports course, and it will be guided by professionals on the basics of four popular e-sports titles; “League of Legends”, “Dota 2”, “Counter Strike: Global Offensive” and “FIFA Online 3”.

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Courses are slated to start by the first week of April with classes to take place during the weekends.

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