Hu Ge recently took the opportunity to say his goodbye to his showbiz friends and fans on stage after being honoured with the Most Outstanding Artiste accolade at the 2017 China Television Drama Quality Awards.

As reported on Workercn, the actor, who previously revealed his intention to travel to the United States to study film-making, shared, “The artistic life is very long. I’ll be back soon. I hope not to let everyone down.”

In a later interview, Hu Ge said that he will be spending the first few months studying English before starting his classes in New York. He added that while directing his own film will be a dream come true for him, it is not the only reason why he chose to study.

The ‘farewell’ ceremony was also very special. Good friends including Ariel Lin and Jin Dong also gave Hu their blessings to Hu, and expressed their support for the actor’s ambition.

“You know who you are. Just do your best and forget what people say about you,” said the actress, who has worked with Hu in numerous dramas.

Jin Dong, his “Nirvana In Fire” co-star, stated that he will find time to go to the United States to visit Hu when he has time.

On the other hand, actor Li Xuejian expressed his admiration for Hu Ge, saying that the actor has both the respect for his audiences and his own art for his decision to enrich himself.

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