While his wife Yang Mi has been offered a new movie role after the success of her drama, “Eternal Love”, the same cannot be said of Hawick Lau, whose new drama reportedly has halted production.

As reported on ET Today, the actor, who has been busy filming his new drama, “Beauty’s Game” for a month, reportedly found himself in an unclear position when the producer supposedly bolted with the money, leaving the team of 380 crew stranded at the filming site in Longxi.

According to sources, the producer has yet to pay the crew and the rental fee of several equipment and props, a cost which has now accumulated to a total of RMB 9 million.

To make things worse, the crew is also having trouble to pay for their accommodation, and had since had their water and electricity supply cut by the owner. Their vehicles have reportedly also been confiscated.

Hawick has yet to make any statement regarding the matter.

“Beauty’s Game” is previously dubbed the modern workplace version of “The Legend of Zhen Huan”, with Hawick paying the role as a president of a company, similar to Chen Jianbin’s Emperor Yinzhen.

(Photo Source: ettoday.net)