Pang Ho Cheung’s third instalment of the “Love” franchise – “Love Off the Cuff” recently found itself accidentally promoted, when a Facebook post about the franchise’s phenomenon turned viral recently, although not for the right reasons.

As reported on Mingpao, previously, one firefighter decided to write a plea on Facebook, asking for young people not to do anything risky on the pedestrian overpass in Kowloon Bay’s Wai Yin Street.

The said overpass, dubbed by fans as the Jimmy Bridge (based on the name of Shawn Yue’s character in the movie), was featured in the first film, 2010’s “Love in a Puff” as the location where Jimmy and Cherie had a chat on their own for the first time.

The firefighter stated that some of this people, believed to be fans of the movie, would take various shots at the overpass, and that sometimes, a few of them would climb out of the window and get on top of it to get the best angle.

The firefighter added the behaviour is not only dangerous due to the fact that the overpass is above a very busy interchange, but is also a waste of resources, as there have been many cases where emergency vehicles had to be deployed. These include lift trucks, ambulances, and police cars.

He added that there would be at least one case every week.

Lastly, the firefighter asked for the public to share and spread his message to let people know the seriousness of the situation.

(Photo Source: hk01.com)