Celebrate your birthday the true Malaysian way with this bizarre but brilliant nasi lemak cake!

Created by a home-based catering service in Kuala Lumpur called Tiana Kitchen, the unique creation has recently been going viral on social media for its peculiar take on the traditional birthday cake.

Each cake comes with nasi lemak (coconut rice) as the base, layered with eggs in between, topped with sambal and other choices of toppings, and is finished off with slices of cucumbers surrounding the cake.

The toppings that customer can choose include the traditional anchovies and peanuts, petai (bitter beans), sambal prawn, sambal squid, tiger prawns, abalone and more!

They also have nasi lemak cupcakes!

The catering service is currently available in only Kuala Lumpur, but in a recent post which got over 22 thousand shares – it has been announced that the service will soon be available in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah too.

Based on the comments, the basic nasi lemak cake costs RM58, while a cake with other toppings like sambal prawn, sambal squid, and petai costs RM78.

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