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With 8 March being International Women’s Day, Cecilia Cheung took the opportunity to express her frustration with how the media has been portraying her in the eyes of the public for many years.

As reported on On CC, earlier, the tabloids sparked more allegations against the mother of two, saying that she had a spat with a staff at a hair salon, and speculated about a new romance after she was spotted getting into a luxury car.

In a recent interview, Cecilia denied abusing the salon staff, and shared that the person is part of her entourage.

“The worker is part of the team that goes with me when I have work overseas. We’re all friends. We were just chatting normally like how we usually do, but somehow it was reported in a negative way. It’s really unfair,” she said.

As for the luxury car, Cecilia said that she is a fan of cars, which is why it should not be unusual for her to be seen in one.

“I don’t get why so much attention to me. Isn’t this unfair?” she asked.

When asked if the bad publicity has affected her two sons Lucas and Quintus, Cecilia stated that she is not worried as she is blessed with obedient children.

The actress also expressed her frustration at how people would always compare her to her ex-husband, and added, “I just want to live my life. If you don’t like me, or you don’t want me to be happy, just delete me from your mind like a computer. Wouldn’t that be great? I am very busy. If you don’t like me, you don’t have to look at me.”

(Photo Source: Cecilia Cheung Facebook)