It has been a year since Alex Fong and Stephy Tang ended their ten-year relationship, and yet it is clear that they are still awkward with each other when they appeared at a charity event together recently, Mingpao reported.

Alex and Stephy, who was at the Race For Water charity event recently alongside Richie Jen, was observed to have almost no exchange on stage and would stand facing away from each other in group photos.

When mentioned that they have broken up for a year, Alex responded, “Yes, in a blink of an eye! But fans would still tag us on photos from our movies. They’re very casual about it.”

Alex said that rather than miss Stephy, he misses the memories of them together.

“Although the memories will become much more distant in the long run, it will always be in my mind. We can’t keep someone with us forever, either someone we loved or our family,” he said.

As to why he and Stephy looked awkward on stage, Alex said that both of them do not like to put on a show in front of people.

On the other hand, Stephy also said that time moves on so fast that she couldn’t believe it has been a year since they broke up.

When asked why she decided to appear at the event, knowing Alex is around, Stephy said, “It’s natural. We are all here for charity work. We also attended the event when it was held last time, so it was special.”

(Photo Source: hk01.com)