Taiwanese actress Ady An made a surprise announcement recently, that she has tied the knot with her boyfriend of two years, Macau billionaire, Chen Ronglian.

As reported on Business Weekly, the 36-year-old actress recently shared several photos from her wedding shoot in Italy, and wrote, “1,230 days ago, you suddenly entered my heart with [Doraemon’s] ‘Anywhere Door’. It took me 180 days to finally know the real you. I never thought I could be so accepting of you.”

She also added a line from her famous drama, “Chinese Paladin”, saying, “Okay then. I’ll be with you, we’ll eat together and we’ll play together to our old days.”

Calling her 40-year-old husband ‘the eternally young Mr Doraemon’, she expressed her hopes to have a beautiful life with him in days to come.

The couple’s relationship has always been low-key. It was reported that Ady has always avoided from being romantically linked to wealthy man, which is why it took Chen a year before he could ever win her heart.

(Photo Source: Sina.Cn)