Rumours are rife that Hong Kong top star Aaron Kwok is set to marry his younger girlfriend Moka Fang soon.

As reported on Mingpao, the rumours sparked by a mainland Netizen in an online forum, who said that he or she overheard a conversation about the couple’s wedding at a bank, when one of the staff told the other that her friend needed to exchange from the Chinese yuan to Hong Kong dollars for a cousin’s wedding that the parents are going.

The younger cousin, the netizen said, is Chinese model Moka Fang.

And while speculations continue to swirl, Aaron’s manager Siu Mei neither denied nor admitted to the rumours, only saying that the actor does indeed have plans to marry his girlfriend.

“Aaron has expressed his thoughts about marriage in the beginning of the year. However, he is still busy with his movie in mainland China. I won’t be able to find out any details about his plans until he is done with filming,” she said.

However, Siu Mei stressed that there is a possibility that the couple will get married this year.

Aaron is currently in mainland China to shoot his new movie, “The Monkey King 3”, where he reprises his role as Sun Wukong.

The actor, who was close to marry his model-actress girlfriend Lynn Hung before, announced his relationship with then 27-year-old Chinese model Moka Fang back in December 2015, two years after his breakup with the former.

(Photo Source: ettoday.net)