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Although Wang Leehom has always been very open about sharing his family life with his fans, it was noted that the singer-songwriter never actually showed photos of his daughters, Jiali and Jiana to the public.
Wang and wife, Lee Jinglei are known to be very selective about the kind of photos of their kids that they would share online, with most of them only showing their hands or their backs. This included a cameo of the two-year-old Jiali in his recent concert film, “Open Fire”.
In it, only part of Jiali’s face can be seen, which disappointed fans who really wanted to have a real look at the singer’s family.
However, according to Epoch Times, Wang recently shared the reason why he decided not to show his children’s face to the public via his documentary or his online posts.
“I heard that if I make their faces public on Facebook or other social media platform, the paparazzi will not need to blur their faces in future photos. I am just trying to protect my daughters,” he said.
However, Wang also stated that he will not oppose his daughters’ choice to go into music if they plan to do so in the future.
(Photo Source: Wang Leehom Facebook)