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Remember back in those days when everyone is using Nokia brand phones instead of Samsung?

After Motorola brand brought back their iconic flip phone, the Motorola Razr during May last year, Nokia has decided to follow in their footsteps by reviving their best-seller phone – the indestructible Nokia 3310.

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Since its launch back in 2000, Nokia 3310 was very well-received among the users, and is one of the most successful phones with 126 million units sold worldwide.

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Even until today, the phone is still widely acclaimed and has gained a cult status due to its durability, one of Nokia’s most iconic features.

The modern version of the new Nokia 3310 was unveiled at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona on Sunday, 26 February.

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So what do we known about the new Nokia 3310?

  • It is a feature phone like its predecessor and there is no touch screen.
  • It is a little smaller, thinner, and lighter all round.
  • It relies on 2.5G connectivity which has slower data speeds than 3G or 4G.
  • It is powered by the S30+ operating system which allows web browsing but has a much smaller range of apps than Android or iOS.
  • Its single camera is restricted to only two megapixels.
  • It comes with the modern version of the classic Snake game
  • It has strong battery life (22 hours talk time, can last a month on standby mode).
  • It comes in a choice of four colours – yellow, red, grey and the original navy blue.

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The new Nokia phone will be available in the second quarter of this year for EUR49.

Let’s hope that the phone will be coming over to this side of the world as well!

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