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Hong Kong actor-director Stephen Fung has laughed off rumours of a lovers’ quarrel with wife, Shu Qi.

As reported on Mingpao News, the filmmaker, who attended an event at the IFC Mall recently, was all smiles when asked about Shu Qi’s recent online posts that sparked speculations of conflict between them.

Shu previously wrote, “Only with mutual respect, tolerance, and acceptance can one maintain the beautiful relationship one had from the start. But even tolerance has its limits!”

Stephen, who seemed to be in a good mood to talk about his personal life, stated, “The wife is gifted in writing, and she likes to share her thoughts. No need to speculate much. I have no reason to stop her from being a talented writer.”

When asked if his talented wife has written him a poem for Valentine’s Day, he shared that Shu Qi doesn’t do poems and that they spent the day enjoying a take-away meal and watching a movie together.

As to whether they are planning to have a child, Stephen said that they will let nature take its course.

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