While Andy Lau is still recuperating in his hospital bed, his new movie, “Shock Wave” recently revealed its first official poster to the public.

As reported on Mingpao News, the new poster features the actor as a member of the bomb squad team, complete with his bomb squad gear and helmet.

In the movie, directed by Herman Yau, Andy plays the role of a senior inspector of the Explosive Ordinance Disposal Bureau (EOD) who finds himself being targeted by a criminal bomb expert, who is also his mentor in the past (played by Jiang Wu).

In a previous interview, Andy, who also produces the movie, stated that he saw an early draft of the movie written by Herman four years ago, and decided that he should turn it into a movie.

“I have known Herman for over 20 years. He is a director that demands my respect. I felt that it’s not right that we have spent three years not developing the script of “Shock Wave”, so I got in touch with him,” he said.

The movie is set to be released some time in April this year.