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Model-actress Angelababy became the subject of Netizens’ ridicule recently when she auctioned her painting at RMB 180,000 (USD 26,155).

As reported on Epoch Times, the actress recently participated in a charity auction for Teach For China, in which she donated a painting she made, entitled “Future” – a work that attracted the most attention at the auction.

The painting, which features a pink sky, a spaceship and some birds, was explained by Angelababy to represent her hopes and aspirations when she was younger.

The actress stated that the pink sky represents how girls look at the world, while the airship represents science and technology, and the birds represents life.

She added that the painting is her way to express her hopes for a better future for the children.

While it did earn the charity a hefty amount of donation, Netizens who saw the painting mocked the actress for its lack of artistic value, while some considered it as a disgrace to art.

They compared her painting to actress Zhang Xinyu’s traditional oil painting, a work of art that shows her brush skill and delicate work.

However, Zhang’s own painting was only able to sell at a price of RMB 70,000 – sparking Netizens frustration at how popularity trumps talent.

However, Angelababy seemed unfazed by the criticism, and reminded fans to continue to do charity work.

(Photo Source: Epoch Times)