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Rumours are rife that Michelle Ye and boyfriend Xiao Mo have called it quits on their relationship.

As reported on On CC, eagle-eyed Netizens recently noted that Michelle, who had been very generous in sharing photos of herself with her boyfriend since they started dating, has stopped sharing photos of her with Xiao Mo.

The actress also seemed to have deleted all traces of Xiao Mo from her Weibo, as none of their past photos can be seen anymore.

On the other hand, others shared that Xiao Mo has also done the same thing, as a lot of his past posts related to Michelle was no longer on his social media account.

He also recently shared the song “Actor” by mainland singer Xue Zhiquan, which seemed to be hinting about his relationship with Michelle.

The actress has yet to respond to the rumours at the time of writing.

(Photo Source: hk.on.cc)