Leave it to Japan for the weirdest creation of all time including their brand new Kit Kat sushi!

Yes, everyone around the world loves Kit Kats, but not as much as how the Japanese love them.

In conjunction with the opening of Nestlé’s new Kit Kat shop in Tokyo, the company is introducing an all-new Kit Kat sushi bars that come in three flavours – Maguro (tuna), Tamago (egg) and Uni (sea urchin).

Nevertheless, the flavours don’t taste anything like the varieties of sushi they’re modelled to look like, only the looks are inspired by it.


In fact, Maguro is a raspberry flavour Kit Kat on puffed rice covered with white chocolate, Uni has both Hokkaido melon and mascarpone cheese flavored Kit Kat wrapped in seaweed, while Tamago is pumpkin pudding flavoured Kit Kat on puffed rice with a strand of seaweed.

This isn’t the first time that Japan has introduced Kit Kat sushi. Last year, they did it as an April’s Fool joke.

However, due to the strong positive response, they decided to go ahead and create a few Kit Kat sushi for real.