Two days after her boyfriend first announced the birth of their first son, German-Chinese actress, Ankie Beilke recently shared the first photo of her with the baby.

As reported on Mingpao News, the actress, who is currently in confinement in Germany shared that she gave birth to son Sebastian Lung via Caesarean section.

“I originally opted for natural childbirth. But after five hours of labour pain, the doctor shared that Sebastian has irregular heartbeat. It was then we decided to go for surgery instead,” she said.

Ankie also stated that she has been breastfeeding her son and would only sleep for two hours each night in order to keep feeding the baby.

“I was like a milk machine,” she joked.

Ankie added that she is enjoying her life as a new mother, and will be staying in Germany for a full month before returning to Hong Kong in March.

(Photo Source: Ankie Beilke Instagram)