Chinese actress Angel Wang recently admitted that the previous rumours surrounding her supposed affair with Hawick Lau were tough on her and her family.

As reported on Epoch Times, the actress, who spoke to the media about the incident recently, shared that there was nothing she could do when the rumours made the news, except to carry on with her life.

She stated that while people will still think about it or forget what happened, the rumours still affected her, her family, and her friends – as Netizens were more severe on their criticisms of her.

As to people accusing her of trying to rely on Hawick Lau’s star power, she responded, “Who would be willing to rely on such a thing? What woman would be willing to risk her own reputation?”

“If I explain the situation, people will say that it was to cover up the situation. If I choose to stay quiet, people will say that there is certainly something between us. There is nothing that I can do,” said Angel.

The actress stated that even when she ended up being the one who gets the blame, she would rather not point fingers to anybody else, adding, “The world is full of misunderstanding.”

Angel also shared that she has always been an independent person since she was a child, having lived in foster care after her parents’ divorce. The actress added that she learned to bear her suffering in silence from that experience.

Rumours of an affair between Angel and Hawick sparked back in November last year while they were filming a drama together. The paparazzi published a clip from the hotel they were staying, which shows Hawick getting into Angel’s room at night and left the place a few hours later.

Hawick and the production team had since denied the rumours, saying that the media fabricated what was originally an ordinary team meeting between the actors and the scriptwriters at Angel’s room.

His wife Yang Mi also spoke about the issue, saying that Hawick has her full trust.

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