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What’s Chinese New Year without some happy, sad, and funny commercials?

During festive seasons, many companies and brands compete with each other to deliver the most satisfying and unique advertisement so that it may be remembered forever.

This year, there are several commercials that have gone viral on social media – some for a very good reason, and some due to its ridiculousness.

Here, we’ve compiled some of the BEST Chinese New Year ads that will surely move you to tears, remind you of your loved ones, and even tickle your funny bones! Watch them below!

1. AIA Malaysia – A Spicy Chinese New Year

An old man is preparing a traditional sumptuous reunion feast for his family. He soon discovers that the most important tradition is being together with his loved ones.

2. Maxis – The 50-year promise

A Chinese opera-singing woman is separated with her sister at young age. Continuously singing their favourite song, she is finally reunited with her sister after 50 years of separation.

3. Tenaga Nasional – Cooking hustle

Set in the old Chinese dynasty era, the ads is a funny video about three daughters-in-law who compete in a cooking showdown to impress their grumpy mother-in-law, the Empress.

4. Petronas – It came from a tin mine

Five best friends of different races set out on an adventure to catch the legendary “King Of The River”. They soon learn that by working together, they can achieve success.

5. Malaysia Airlines – A truly Malaysian greeting

The advertisement showcases the richness and diversity of the Malaysian culture with people from various races wishing viewers a Happy Chinese New Year using various Chinese dialects.

6. MyEG – Never forget the original resolution

A busy working man remembers back the fun childhood game he used to love as a child, and realises that there is nothing more precious in the world than family.

7. StarHub – Lunar New Year 2017

A funny video about a man instructing his wife to give different red packets to different people as each of them contains different amounts – and his wife somehow screws up in the end.

8. Maxis – Money that grandma owes me

A little boy who is keeping tabs on the money that his grandmother owes him realises that true wealth is something that can’t be bought with money.