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One of the most important beauty pageants in the world will soon be held in the Philippines at the end of this month, and everyone is getting really excited about it!

Over the years, we have seen some pretty crazy national costumes at the pageant, and nothing seems to be surprising anymore!

There was the rickshaw costume from Thailand, Optimus Prime suit from America, Canada’s ice rink queen, a windmill suit from Netherlands, and Czech Republic’s giant burrito!

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This year, many countries have decided to up their game with more unique costumes that are completely out of the ordinary, and Southeast Asia doesn’t plan on losing in that department either!

Some countries in Southeast Asia have already unveiled their national costumes which will represent them at the world stage – and we have to say, most of them are really extraordinary!

Could we have the potential winner below? Check em’ out!

Malaysia – Kiran Jassal
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Unlike the previous national costume, Malaysia has decided to move away from using traditional elements by going for a more futuristic and modern look with the Twin Towers national costume. The costume was inspired by the country’s iconic skyscraper, the Petronas Twin Towers, and was designed by local fashion powerhouse duo Rizman Ruzaini. Though the costume received mixed reactions from the Malaysian audience, it is certainly a step up and a bold change from the country’s usual fare.

Indonesia – Kezia Warouw
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Indonesia has once won the Best National Costume title at Miss Universe 2014 via Elvira Devinamira, and it looks like this year, Indonesia plans to take the crown once again with its grand Garuda costume called “Unity in Diversity”, inspired by the country’s national philosophy. Designed by Dynand Fariz, the awesome costume certainly makes the Indonesian candidate look like a glamorous comic book superhero who is ready to kick some butt!

Thailand – Chalita Suansane

After winning Best National Costume last year with its bizarre “tuk tuk” outfit, Thailand has set its sights for a winning streak with their majestic national costume called, “Jewel of Thailand”, inspired from the vintage photos of Queen Sirikit. It aims to showcase the richness of Thailand’s costume through the medium of jewellery. The exquisite ensemble is designed by culture scholar Hirankrit Pattaraboriboonkul, who was also the designer of 2015 Miss Universe Thailand’s tuk tuk dress.

Myanmar – Htet Htet Htun
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Another unique entry to the national costume segment is from Myanmar with its marionette-inspired costume. Designed by Gam Htoi Lazing, the country’s representative will be dressing herself as a puppet princess complete with strings and a light fibre frame on her shoulders. Since Burmese marionette puppetry is already considered a dying art, the national costume aims to highlight the traditional Myanmar puppet theatre in hopes of keeping the Burmese art and culture alive for future generations.

Singapore – Cheryl Chou

Designed by Moe Kasim, owner of the costume boutique Moephosis Concepts, Singapore will be showcasing its Peranakan culture through its national costume. The costume consists of a mixture of Malay and Chinese elements such as the kebaya dress, the traditional bridal headdress shaped like a pagoda featuring Chinese-lantern inspired baubles, and the Peranakan phoenix collar turned into peacock-like back piece.

Vietnam – Đặng Thị Lệ Hằng

While some countries struggle to make one really good national costume, Vietnam effortlessly created five for fans to pick and vote from! Each costume features Vietnamese unique culture and elements, and they all stand out in their very own way. Based on the votes on their Facebook page, the costume which is receiving the most positive reaction is the middle one, so it is likely to be the one that will be worn by Miss Vietnam at the upcoming beauty pageant.

The 65th Miss Universe pageant will take place at the Mall of Asia Arena, Pasay, Metro Manila on 30 January 2017.

Stay tuned to TheHive.Asia for the winner announcement and more!