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Taiwanese actress Ruby Lin has recently given birth to her first baby, and it is a girl!

As reported on Epoch Times, the actress surprised many with the baby announcement online on 6 January through her studio by sharing a photo of her daughter’s foot print, and writing, “The world is beautiful. Welcome our little angel!”

While Ruby was originally due to give birth at the end of the month, she was hospitalised last week and opted for a Caesarean section at the Zhongshan Hospital in Taipei.

According to sources, the baby is 50 cm in length, and weighs 3.3kg.

Ruby’s husband Wallace Huo was also revealed to have halted filming his new drama, “Ruyi’s Love in the Palace”, in mainland China to accompany his wife and their first child.

Friends including Tiffany Hsu, Fan Bingbing and Shu Qi also congratulated the couple for the birth, with Tiffany commenting, “Congratulations. Can’t wait to see your little angel.”

(Photo source: instagram.com/rubylinfanspage)