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What a way to start a new year, and it’s not even April yet!

Malaysian singer-songwriter and filmmaker Namewee has gotten the local media fooled with his recent announcement claiming that his song has been picked as the theme song for the Hollywood movie, “The Great Wall”, and it is sang by one of the Four Heavenly Kings of Cantopop, Andy Lau.

“The first work of 2017 is out. I’m so proud to be able to write a song for Andy Lau. This is also my first time writing a theme song for a Hollywood movie, I’m really happy. Thank you to director Zhang Yimou for approaching me, I’m truly happy,” Namewee posted on his Facebook on 1 January.

Many of the local media immediately took the bait and covered the story as they believed the news to be real, but they soon found out that it was false and that they had been duped.

According to several news reports, the song was actually sung by none other than Namewee himself, who attempted to imitate Lau’s voice.

But it has also been reported that Namewee was really approached by the production company to write the theme song for the film, but his song was not chosen in the end.

So as a fun act of ‘revenge’, Namewee decided to release the song to the public, nonetheless, and his imitation of Andy Lau’s voice is quite spot on!

The real theme song of “The Great Wall” was sung by Wang Leehom featuring Tan Weiwei, and Namewee commented that he is honoured to lose to Wang.

Starring Matt Damon, Andy Lau, Jing Tian, Lu Han and more, “The Great Wall” focuses on the mystery and reason behind the construction of the Great Wall of China.