Both Jay Chou and Hannah Quinlivan have neither confirmed nor denied rumours of the actress’ pregnancy, which has been reported by the tabloids recently.

Liberty Times reported that Hannah sparked rumours of a second pregnancy late last year when sources claimed to have seen her throwing up twice on the set of “Fantastic Baby”.

While Jay later denied it and stated that it was due to the Chinese medication that she has been taking, the actress was reported to have taken a long break soon after finishing the show, and will only return to the limelight at the end of the year.

She has also turned down a lot of interviews to promote her coffee shop, and left the task to her shop’s manager instead.

However, when asked about it recently, husband Jay Chou only responded that they will announce the good news if there’s any, while Hannah’s manager stated, “She never mentioned it to me. I would never ask her about her personal affairs, so I would not make further comment.”

(Photo Source: Hannah Q Instagram)