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Rumours are rife that Hu Ge is reducing his workload this year to focus on his studies in film-making.
As reported on Epoch Times, sources recently shared that the Chinese star has been turning down various projects this year, including a movie with Hong Kong director Johnnie To.
The reason, said the sources, was because Hu is planning to go to the United States in March to study English, and later begin his film-making courses at the New York University in July.
The actor reportedly has plans to make his directorial debut soon, which is why he decided to focus on studying to become one rather than take other acting jobs.
Hu’s camp has yet to address the rumours at the time of writing. However, the actor did share his thoughts online back in November, saying that he is willing to give up everything he has if he is given “the opportunity to learn”.
(Photo source: instagram.com/huge_fc)