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The Malaysian a capella group who is dubbed by many of their fans as the Malaysian Pentatonix, is back with a brand new aca-awesome medley!

Colour of Voices wrapped up 2016 by presenting a medley of the top Malay hits in 2016!

The 4-minute plus medley features top Malay songs by famous local as well as regional artistes. The songs covered include “Pencuri Hati” by Ayda Jebat, “Jomblo Happy” by Gamma1, “Hang Pi Mana” by Khalifah, “Setia” by Elizabeth Tan feat Faizal Tahir and more.

Uploaded on 30 December 2016, the video shared on their official Facebook page has received a total of 131 thousand views, 5.1 thousand shares and 8.6 thousand reactions, and counting!

Back in early February 2016, the local a capella group begin to gain attention from the mainstream media after sharing a unique medley of Chinese New Year songs.

Formed since 2014, Colour of Voices is made up of a group of five male friends; Ikhwan (Acai), Juhairee (Joe) Asnal, Jeffery (Tuxy TuxBoNic) and Jaswan (Shark).