Charlene Choi recently surprised fans with her declaration that the recent Big Bang concert in Hong Kong was the worst experience she had, and that she had to leave halfway through the show.

As reported on Oriental Daily, the actress, who appeared at the press conference of her new movie recently, clarified that her situation had nothing to do with the K-pop group, but with her own condition at the time.

“My stomach was acting up and I had diarrhea all day long. I had to go [to the loo] dozens of times and was already numb all over. Then when I got there, I had to wait and stand there in the cold,” she said.

Charlene added that people around her even noticed how pale she looked and expressed concern that she might pass out.

“When I left, I saw several other people fainting,” she said.

Then, the singer revealed, to make matters worse, she was unable to get a ride as she has forgotten to bring her wallet and her Octopus card.

Fortunately, a stranger lent her a helping hand, and gave them 11 dollars to take the minibus home.

“Hong Kong people are so great and so kind,” she said.

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