Popular Cambodian band Kmeng Khmer dropped a teaser for their latest OST, titled “Jailbreak” – for the upcoming movie of the same name, about a week ago and finally released the full music video for it today.
Blending traditional with modern, the beat and melody of the song makes for one interesting and memorable track.
The visual that accompanies the piece is no less arresting – it opens with the duo emerging from a dilapidated corridor, shrouded by a cloud of dense fog. Even as a prison riot breaks behind them, they remain unperturbed, delivering their lines with no hesitance. 
“If you give up, you die,” fans will find themselves repeating this mantra as they sing along to the MV.
Amidst the riot, another group breaks out, or rather, they are seen breaking out some enviable dance moves while clad in prison-issued getup. We see glimpses of the cast in the action scenes, teasing fans of what to come in the movie.
“Jailbreak”, directed by Jimmy Henderson and produced under the Kongchak Pictures banner, features action star Jean-Paul Ly as a visiting French liaison officer, who gets tangled in a deadly prison riot while escorting a gang “leader” to a high security prison.
The movie makes its escape in Cambodian cinemas this 31 January.
Check out the full “Jailbreak” MV below!