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Despite his current condition, loyal star Andy Lau didn’t forget to wish his fans a Happy Lunar New Year.

According to Epoch Times, the actor recently shared a Lunar New Year message to his fans via his official website, Andy World Club, following the cancellation of their meet and greet event due to his injury.

He shared, “Dear family, it’s the beginning of a new year! I’ve received all your love. Let us celebrate this year’s gathering will be in our hearts!”

“I’ve said before, that I am happy as long as the family [the fans] are happy. I also know that the family will be happy if I am healthy. Trust me, I will soon be healthy and will be able to greet you in great health. I wish everyone health and happiness in the Year of the Rooster!” he added.

On the other hand, Hong Kong’s Apple Daily also shared a Lunar New Year photo of Andy and the subsequent interview that they held prior to his accident, where the actor can be seen writing the word “blessing” and “rooster” to wish all the readers a Happy Lunar New Year.

In the advance interview, Andy stated that he will be focusing his energy on his music in the Year of the Rooster, as well as his upcoming Hong Kong Coliseum concert.

However, the concert may be in danger of being cancelled after his horse-riding accident in Bangkok earlier caused an injury to his spine and pelvis.