andy lau
He might have worked in many action-packed films and police dramas, but according to Andy Lau, he prefers light comedy over all the other genres.

As reported on Yibada, the actor, who recently returned with the epic Zhang Yimou film, “The Great Wall”, shared that he is not too keen about doing a lot of physical work, especially since he is already 55-years-old.
Said Andy, “I try not to do action films where I need to fight all the time or do a lot of physical work. I think fighting is a little bit hard for me now.”
“But I wouldn’t mind accepting an action movie if it has a good script,” he added.
The one thing that attracted him to “The Great Wall” was the need for him to speak English most of the time, which was made challenging by the fact that he has to speak in old English to match the period of the time.
However, while his English proficiency has become much better because of the movie, Andy stated that he has no interest in making Hollywood movies, and would prefer taking local projects instead.
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