Alfred Hui, Hins Cheung and Joey Yung emerged as the big winners of the Jade Solid Gold Awards with three accolades each.
As reported on Mingpao News, Hins, who previously lost the title of major winner to Eason Chan at the 39th Top Ten Chinese Gold Songs Awards, won Most Popular Male Singer again for the third time in a row, while his two songs, “Robin” and “The Wind Rises”, won the Gold Songs awards.
“I really think that there is room for improvement for me, but I will accept these awards as an encouragement,” said Hins.
Meanwhile, Alfred Hui won Best Performance Male Singer, as well as two Gold Songs for “My Wish” and “Remember to Forget Me”.
He shared, “I am very happy. This is a really great win. I have been doing this for seven years, there are too many people to thank.”
For this year, JSG seemed to have broken its previous “no appearance, no award” rule by giving Joey Yung two Gold Songs for “No One Knows Gemini” and “I Am Very Free”, as well as Most Popular Female Singer.
2016 Jade Solid Gold Awards full winners list:

Gold Song:
“Robin” (Hins Cheung)
“My Wish” (Alfred Cheung)
“The Wind Rises” (Hins Cheung)
“Goddess” (Joyce Cheng)
“No One Knows Gemini” (Joey Yung)
“I Am Very Free” (Joey Yung)
“Not One Less” (Hacken Lee)
“Love Requires Courage” (Stephanie Ho)
“Who Can Change” (Ruco Chan)
“Professional Heartbreak 30 years” (C AllStar)
“Confidential” (Vincet Wong)
“Without You, I Am Nothing” (Jason Chan)
“A Life of Conflict” (JW)
“Ordinary People” (James Ng)
“Unacceptable” (Hubert Wu)
“A Pair of Hands” (Phil Lam)
“One Person’s Forever” (Fred Cheng)
“Never Know You Are the Best” (Ruco Chan, Nancy Wu)
“Unique” (Vincy Chan)
“Remember to Forget Me” (Alfred Hui)
Best Duet
Gold: “Never Know You Are the Best” (Ruco Chan, Nancy Wu)
Silver: “We Three” (Sherman Chung, Angela Hui, Lillian Chan) 
Best Performance Female Singer: Vincy Chan
Best Performance Male Singe: Alfred Hui
Best Band: Supper Moment
Best Dance Singer: Det Dik 
Jade Solid Gold Gold Prize: “Not One Less” (Hacken Lee)
Outstanding Performance: Ken Hung, JW, Stephanie Ho, Jason Chan Pak Yu, Mag Lam Yun Tung, Fred Cheng
Best Creative Singer
Gold: Phil Lam
Silver: Sherman Chung
Bronze: Adason Lo (Law Lik Wai)
Best Group
Gold: C Allstar
Silver: Lil Ashes
Bronze: Super Girls
Most Popular Female Singer: Joey Yung
Most Popular Male Singer: Hins Cheung

Most Popular New Singer
Gold: Kayee Tam
Silver: Tang Siu Hau
Bronze: Hana Kuk Sun Kiu
Excellence: Hoffman Cheng
(Photo source: ol.mingpao.com)