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A Chinese restaurant by the name of CH Premier Restaurant (马来西亚第一锅) in Kuching has just opened on Wednesday, 21 December 2016, and it is the first restaurant in Malaysia to have robots as its waiters!

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Located at Premier 101 Commercial Centrel Tun Jugah, the restaurant has four operating robots – three of them which look the same and are of the same height of 156cm.

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They are each named Goddess 1 to 3, while the smallest one which is about 110cm height, is called Loli.

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All of the robots are able to greet customers in simple Mandarin phrases like “Thank you” or “Please enjoy your meal”.

According to Hype, magnetic lines are installed on the floor so that the robots are able to manoeuvre and serve food within the restaurant in an orderly manner.

CH Premier Restaurant’s innovative creations have earned them a spot in The Malaysia Book of Records.

(Photo sources: 马来西亚第一锅 Facebook)