TVB actress Mandy Wong was so convincing as a pregnant woman in her upcoming drama that some members of the public really thought she was with a baby during an outdoor scene recently.

As reported on On CC, the actress, who plays a pregnant cop in the upcoming TVB series “Miscellaneous Cops”, recently brought her fake pregnant belly to the streets to film a chase scene involving actors Ben Wong and C Kwan.

However, Mandy stated that she received a lot of congratulatory wishes from the onlookers, with many of them assuming that she was indeed pregnant.
“Some of them were so worried that they told me to be careful,” she said.
C Kwan also chimed in, and praised Mandy for her great acting.
“She pretends to be pregnant, and yet a lot of people thought she was pregnant. Maybe next time, she could pretend to be dead and people might believe she really is dead!” he added.
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