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Malaysian based mobile gaming company Monsoon Lab’s sole production
“Sara is Missing” is making waves in the international indie gaming scene.
According to Vulcan post, The game that’s said to be
inspired from other indie game such as “Her Story”, “Emily is Away” and
“Replica” garnered a huge reception when it was played by YouTube gaming icons
such as kubz scouts, Markiplier and Jacksepticeye.
The interface of the horror game resembles that of an iPhone
screen with users having access to do anything they can; from replying Sara’s
text messages to commenting on her poetry notes.
One of the clues in the game 
Throughout the gameplay, users will have to find clues and
links that will eventually lead them to Sara’s whereabouts.
The app that combines witch craft, cult followings and many
more horrific elements had just recently won the award for the Best Upcoming Game
category at the very first South East Asian Mobile Gaming Award.
Not only that, the game developers told Vulcan post that
they had incorporated as much Malaysian elements as they could in the gameplay
and was glad to have finally (or literally) put Malaysia on the map.
Screen capture of the gameplay (
But so far only the game’s demo version is out with
developers confirming that the full version of the game would be hopefully
available in January next year.

The demo version that’s available for Windows, Mac Os X and
Android can be downloaded for free at