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KOMTAR – an acronym for
Kompleks Tun Abdul Razak – is Penang’s tallest building since 1985 and the
sixth tallest building in Malaysia that stands at the height of 232 metres.

Now, after 30 years since
its inception, the general public can access the highest floors of the tower with
its addition of The Rainbow Skywalk.

According to the Star
Online, The Rainbow Skywalk is a semi-circle glass path that juts several
metres out of the building, and it is not for the faint-hearted.

Only World Group (OWG) chief
operating officer Datuk Jean Koh said to The Star, “We’ve seen many people who
cannot shake off that acrophobic dizziness when they step onto the glass. Some
will not even try.”

“But many love it. You can lie down and take a selfie with the little buildings
below as your background. It is a rare opportunity,” added Datuk Jean.

The skywalk which is visible
from Penang Road, Macalister Road and Datuk Keramat Road is reportedly using
the same glass flooring as America’s Grand Canyon Skywalk.

The walk that was put to a
range of test by Universiti Sains Malaysia is also heat-treated, temper-proofed
and laminated with the material of the highest quality.

Chief Executive Officer of
OWG, Datuk Seri Richard Koh, is looking to revitalise the out of favour
shopping mall since 2012 with the main aim of turning the place into a leisure
destination for locals and also tourist alike.

There are many other
attractions that are built around the roof of the building including a
mysterious attraction which is referred to as the luckiest chair in the world –
are being kept under wraps until the official unveiling of the venue.

The Rainbow Skywalk along with
many other attractions are set to open on 18 December 2016.