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Taiwanese singer Jam Hsiao recently apologised to fans for having to cancel his shows due to his health situation.

As reported on Liberty Times, The singer was recently admitted to the hospital after experiencing symptoms of the Influenza A virus, H3N2.
His hospitalisation meant that he had to cancel a series of performances and work-related appearances for the next two weeks, since he needed that much time to recuperate.
The singer recently updated his status on Facebook and apologised for his condition, saying, “I’ve spend most of these days in bed. I feel so sorry. Because of my carelessness, I didn’t take good care of myself and messed up a lot of things.”
“I have never cancelled so many appearances and performances before. I feel really sorry to disappoint a lot of fans,” he added.
He also asked fans to give him some time so that he could recuperate and return to work in full form.
(Photo Source: Jam Hsiao Facebook)