The winner for Malaysia’s longest-running and most prestigious short film competition, BMW Shorties has finally been revealed – congratulations to 25-year-old Tan Ce Ding for his post-apocalyptic zombie short titled, “Hawa”.

The young filmmaker received a film grant of RM75,000 as the grand prize.


Set in a post-apocalyptic and zombie-infested Malaysia, the film follows a zombie-infected Malay girl named Hawa who befriends a carefree Chinese boy called Meng, and their journey of coming together down a dangerous path beyond their wildest fears.


Shot in at various locations across the Klang Valley within 4 days, the short film deals with the issue of racism as a subtext which can be seen via the friendship between Hawa and Meng.

Starring 10-year-old Hawa Khadeejah and 11-year-old Vincent Wong, the short film was also nominated for 8 awards, taking home prizes for Best Director (Tan Ce Ding), Best Screenplay (Tan Ce Ding and Andy Darrel Gomes) and Best Sound Design (Azrin Mohamad Noor).


Celebrating its 10th year with the theme “Journey”, BMW Shorties Awards night took place at Ruyi & Lyn on 19 December 2016, where “Hawa” emerged as the winner out of 115 entries submitted.