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Earlier this month, it was reported by several news outlets that Malaysian alternative rock band Estranged had been invited to perform at the Apple Music Christmas Festival in the U.K. alongside big names like Metallica, Radiohead and more at the end of this year.

However, new information has come to light and this news had turned out to be completely FALSE as TheHive.Asia have been personally contacted by Estranged’s lawyers and they have informed us that the band was in fact conned by a Malaysian con artist named Ms Eziana Abd Aziz who represented herself as an Apple Inc. Publicity Manager.

“We regret to inform you that we have been misinterpreted by a con artist and have just discovered that the said Apple Music festival in London does not in fact exist,” read a statement issued by Estranged’s lawyers.

At first, the band was uncertain on whether they should make this public as it would heavily affect their image, but in order to ensure that no other innocent musicians shall fall prey for the same scam, the three-member band decided to make the news known to public.

“We have decided to make this information public in the interest of other innocent fellow musicians who are passionate about their music but are sometime too gullible when it comes to business. It is in our nature as musicians sometimes to be too trusting of people. We have certainly paid a heavy price for this,” the band said.

“We have decided to come out publicly because we understand that this con artist is now approaching other musicians. We cannot in good conscience keep quiet and allow other musicians to fall prey to her,” they continued.

The band also mentioned that their manager have received a letter from Ms Eziana completed with the signature from Apple Music Director Adam TL Wilson, but they soon found out that the letter is actually a forgery.


“We have been in touch with Apple in U.K. who has confirmed that she is a fraud. It is important that all people are alerted about this,” the band wrote.

“We are so affected by this event, that there was a moment we considered breaking up and cancelling our upcoming tour starting from Kilang Bateri in Johor Bahru. But we have decided to be strong for the sake of our fans and will continue with our musical journey with a stronger resolve to be the best that we can,” said Estranged.

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