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After finding out that they had been scammed by a Malaysian con artist, the local rock band has now decided to take legal action.

Last week, TheHive.Asia was informed by Estranged’s lawyers that the band had been conned by a person named Eziana Abd Aziz who presented herself as an Apple Inc. Publicity Manager and offered the band an opportunity to perform at the Apple London Music Festival in the U.K., which in fact, does not exist.

Today, we have been informed that a lawsuit has been filed by all three members of the band; Rich, Din and Hanafi; and the band will hold a press conference on Wednesday, 4 January 2017 to explain on the overview of the court case against Ms. Eziana by Estranged’s lawyers, as well as the legal action that will be taken upon her.


The band will also release a photograph of Ms. Eziana and the forged documents which were sent to them by Ms. Eziana.

The compensation required by the band include special damages for fraud and fraudulent misrepresentation amounting to RM100,000 or more as determined by the court.

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More information on the case will be announced soon, stay tuned on site for more updates next Wednesday!