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Dutch DJ and electro house producer, Dyro is one of the hottest names (and cutest faces!) in the EDM industry. You might have heard of him, having worked with established talents like Rihanna, Nick Romero, Tiesto, Hardwell and more.

After being discovered by Laidback Luke via a forum, Dyro whose real name is Jordy van Egmond, became one of the first artistes to sign to DJ Hardwell’s recording label, Revealed Recordings.

Since then, his journey to the upper ranks of the electronic music scenes escalated quickly, from debuting at #30 in the DJ Mag Top 100 poll, becoming the youngest artiste with the “Highest New Entry”, to finding his own independent label WOLV Records.

Recently, the 24-year-old DJ was in Malaysia on 8 December 2016 to perform at Fuze Club, Kuala Lumpur, just three months before making his debut at Zouk Club KL.

Find out what the young DJ has been up to and what his new plans are in our interview with him.

This is certainly not your first time in Malaysia, what makes you so attracted to the country?
I always have fun touring in Asia. The culture is very different to the one back in Europe but I feel at home when I visit here. The crowds in Malaysia are open-minded, and I always get a warm welcome.

Just wondering, is there a meaning behind the name Dyro? 
I haven’t heard that question in a long time! [laughs] If you rearrange my first name ‘Jordy’, and remove the ‘J’ it makes ‘Dyro’.

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You’re quite young, and you got into this industry at the age of 18, what makes you think that this was the right choice back then?
I didn’t know it was the right choice. I just knew it was what I wanted to do. I worked hard to finish my studies because it was important to my parents who helped put me there, and then it was just music. I was lucky that early on in my career, I was able to release music on respected labels and play sets at big events, but I put in a lot of practice in my own time. Hard work always pays off.

If you weren’t discovered the way you were early on in your career, do you think you’d still be a DJ today? If no, what would you be?
Yes, it may have just taken me a little longer! Or I’d like to think that I would have still worked in music, label managing or design, something like that.

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There are so many famous EDM artistes as well as up and coming ones, what makes you stand out from the rest?
I’ve been working on new music, new press shots, planning for my new live dates in 2017 but also running my label WOLV and the artistes we sign. I feel like next year, people are going to see my vision more than ever before, which sets me apart from the rest, we just keep doing our own thing, not following trends. My music is unique, dark, and my new work is the best I’ve ever done.

To date, what is the highlight of your career?
Too many to mention! Playing on the main stage of ULTRA this year was pretty insane. We also hosted our own WOLV label party at ADE (Amsterdam Dance Event) in October that we’d never done before, a highlight of this year!

What are you doing next?
I’m releasing new music in the second week of January, I hope everyone is ready!

What are your plans for Christmas?
I’ll be spending Christmas in Amsterdam with my loved ones and family. Oh, and I plan on eating enough food to get me through the winter! [laughs]